that increase
order speed
and accuracy.

StickyPOS Better. Always
StickyPOS Better. Always

Over 8 billion labels sold, with a 99.99% quality rating,
used in hundreds of different market applications around the globe.

We got there by simply doing things better than our competitors. Like manufacturing StickyPOS® labels 100% in-house in the USA. With a specialized staff driven to fully understand your business, and your customer’s needs, as well as our own.

That deep knowledge led us to create the only self-cleaning label that continually cleans the printer with no residual glue, allowing for maximum printing speed, information accuracy, and printer up-time. To offer labels that stick and re-stick to the widest variety of surfaces and packages available. Hot or cold. Large or small. From food service to hospitals and beyond.

Business improves when you get it right the first time.

Our clients come to us because better accuracy, speed, and flexibility are critical to their business. And we knew they were. Because we did a better job of listening, questioning, and caring than anyone else.