Sticky labels in general were developed to help a fast-paced constantly changing business environment with a stressed work force. (Sound familiar?) Liner-less labels are quicker, cleaner and safer than staples, more accurate than handwriting. They increase order speed and accuracy by reducing errors and boosting operational efficiency. They ensure customer satisfaction and cost savings. Or, they should. If you buy the right one.

But what makes a sticky label better?

The ideal sticky label should easily stick to a surface yet be easily removed. And anyone should be able to quickly and securely re-stick them to another surface.

The best kind of sticky label goes several steps further – printing quickly, easily, cleanly and legibly. Printing with light adhesive – not too much and not too little. Printing cleanly without a liner or backing. You want a label that doesn’t gum up a printer and cause as many problems as it purports to solve.

Some labels use so little glue, they don’t deserve to be called sticky. And some use so much, they bundle their product with a printer cleaning kit to remove the excess clogging glue.

printing quickly, easily, cleanly and legibly

Why StickyPOS Labels: Patented & proven technology.

StickyPOS labels get all the label product details right – so your staff can get the details right, too. Here’s just some of the ways our labels are superior:

StickyPOS Labels: Patented & proven technology
  • The only self-cleaning label solution that ensures no residual glue is left behind to foul printer heads — and even removes existing residual glue in the printer left from inferior label products. The result is cleaner, faster working printer heads, and maximum printer up-times.
  • Sticks to the widest variety of packaging no matter the surface -- and without excess adhesive.
  • Easily removable with maximum re-stick ability
  • Allows for consistent image quality
  • Food packaging safe: Silicone-free, BPA and BPS free
  • Multiple widths and lengths
  • Multiple glue patterns
  • Certified on most popular POS printer solutions
  • 100% in-house domestic manufacturing for quality, availability and inventory control
  • Ships globally
  • Proven with over 8 billion sold to date.

Find Your StickyPOS

We’re here to do more than help. We’re here to customize.

  1. We start by discussing your product and packaging. We look at samples or we might do a full survey of your existing products and packaging. Or if it’s a new product, we dig into the design specs and start thinking. If the packaging surface is smooth, we know we can use less glue – if it’s rough we need a bit more.

  2. Then, we talk printers. We know more about printers than possibly anyone on earth – and have done more label testing with the printers than even the printer manufacturers themselves. We run more than 1 million cuts of our products on a printer before we approve their use.

    We’re a little obsessed, we admit. But it pays off for all of us, because we know which products run best on the different printers. And we pass all our knowledge on to you. So we make sure you understand the features of the whole system, not just our products.

  3. Next, we move on to glue pattern. We choose from four standard glue patterns that provide for the widest range of stickiness-- so the tags stick reliably to your packaging. Not 100% for your application? No problem, we’ll engineer the right solution for you.

  4. Then, we look at operating temperatures and conditions. Whether you need 160F or less. Or a hi temp paper to hold up to 190F for warming ovens or hot cups.

  5. Then, it’s on to sizes, shapes, data. How much information will be printed on the label? How can we find the smallest, most affordable label that still conveys the information? Our aim is to improve cost, speed and accuracy in your operations. And we never take our eye off efficiency.

There’s a roll for you.

And we’ll help you find it.

StickyPOS Labels: Patented & proven technology